Nicko Mcbrain – Iron maiden

I’m so proud to be a part of this brand new British drum head company, CODE.They have made for me a wonderful line of signature Tom and Snare heads. They are truly magnificent

Russ Gilbrook – URIAH HEEP – Master clinician

I choose CODE drum heads for their tonal qualities and amazing durability. They are just what I need to withstand my world touring schedule along with my animal hard hitting.. that is my secret CODE

Robyn Haycock – Stone Broken

From the first hit I could instantly feel and hear the difference, it was a revelation! They have everything you need from a drum head

Ryan Durrans – The Lathums

Code Heads reflect the tone of the drum perfectly giving you a full round sound from each stroke. The sound control and precision these skins give you are unmatched.

Euan Lyons – Dead Pony

I am proud to be endorsed by a company that truly values it’s clients and makes unreal heads. My drums have never sounded this massive!

Colin Woolway – ducator, Clinician, Author of Drumsense books and Founder of the Drumsense teaching programme, Brit School, ELAM.

I am so impressed to see the really high standards Code has reached over the past few years. The range is easy to understand, the options are relevant and the heads sound fantastic!

Camille Phillips – The Subways

Code drum heads make my drums sound better and fatter than they ever have done before! The heads are also incredibly durable and fantastic value for money. It’s a no-brainer!

Ian West – Sir Cliff Richard – Session – Educator

These heads are fantastic!! The Sound, consistency and durability! Everything I need to perform live or in the studio with confidence.

Don Johnson – A Certain Ratio

Code Drum heads are one of the most even toned and durable heads on the market today. They deliver a punch with clarity that is optimum both in the studio and live.

Joe Lazarus – Twin Atlantic and Session

I use the Generator clear skins on my toms and Sterling on my snare, and they’re absolutely perfect for my sound, plenty of tone and depth with excellent durability too.

Andy Burrows – Razorlight / We Are Scientists / Tom Odell / KT Tunstall / Foregone Conclusion

I ran in to mike backstage at a festival last year , such a lovely chap – he said ‘I make drumheads, why don’t you give ’em a thwack!?’ So I did. Best drumheads I’ve ever had

Guy Nwogang – Independent Session

II am happy to be part of the family! Your work is excellent! one word: keep going

Andrew Scott – King King, Session, I Built The Sky, Slice the Cake

Code heads deliver absolutely everything I need. Tone, warmth and punch. They hold their tuning beautifully, so you don’t end your take or set with a different sounding kit to the one you started with!

Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard – Archive, The Alarm, Session

Code drumheads have completely changed the way I play and tune my drums. Versatility and durability. What more does any drummer need.

Olivier Baldissera – independant studio drummer, Anggun, Jean Baptiste Guegan, David Hallyday

For me the Sterling is the best snare drumhead ever! I’m in love with Generator Coated on toms because they’re warm and easy to tune and i use the Signal Coated for kick drum for a good balance of attack and low frequencies

Colin Jones – Circa Waves

These are amazing heads that give me exactly what I need both in the studio and live. Power, projection and durability.

Pete Salisbury – The Verve/ Charlatans

Code drum heads sound great for live gigs and just as good in the studio.

Jim Sharrock – Lightning Seeds, Jamie Webster, Session

Fell in love with these after the first hit, what an improvement from what I was using before. Haven’t looked back since I’ve had them and revolutionised my sound!

Steve Grantley – Stiff Little Fingers

This is one Code I’ll never break. The hardest wearing heads I’ve ever used.

Stu Fagan – Educator, Session Artists and Social Media Guru

I’m really pleased to have been welcomed so warmly into the Code family. Their heads sound and feel great, both live as well as in the studio. LONG LIVE CODE!!!!

Phil Beaver – Inglorious

I’ve been playing drums for 20 years now so I’ve been though many different drum heads. Code heads are well made, durable and sound every bit as good as other leading brands.

David Whitworth – Slow Readers Club

Unbelievable tone and depth. It’s amazing to see what they have been able to achieve in such a short space of time, I see them competing at the top for a long time to come!

Daphne Koskeridou – CLT DRP and Session

Simple, Affordable, Efficient and sounds killer. CODE have nailed it on this one! Super proud to be part of the family. 🙂

Billy Hammett – The Kris Barras Band

Code heads are well balanced, hold their tuning incredibly well and make my kit sound huge! Very refreshing.

Simon Finley – Echo And The Bunnymen

These heads are so punchy yet still musical. My drums have never sounded so dynamic

Steve Ray – Youth Sector

As soon as I tried Code heads I knew I was onto a winner. Durable, great tone, great build quality and most importantly easy to tune. I can’t recommend them enough and I’m proud to be part of the Code family.

Mike Heaton – Embrace

I loved the skins so much I became a partner in the business! Great heads at great prices. It just makes sense.

Michael Dean – New Model Army

Great to be part of the Code family. Fantastic sounding heads that cover all the bases. The quality is exceptional and the service is first class .

Juancar Uris – Session / Independent / Educator

Since first time I tried CODE heads I knew they are different. They are settle perfect on the drums´ edges, the way that they were built make them work perfectly. Easy to tune and you don´t need to leave the screws so lose like other heads does if you´re looking for low tone.

Roy Adams – Roy Wood and The Climax Blues Band

Guy Page – Producer/Mix Engineer and drummer with Coach Party

CODE drumheads have been with me on every recording session and gig for a long time now. For me, ZERO is the most perfectly balanced snare head available, and I can only say great things about the entire range.

Josh Da Silva – Band/Session

Drums sound awesome with this heads!!For my snares I use TRS and ZERO series, for toms the GENERATOR series and for my kicks the BLAST series! Every single drum head series has its special punchy

Phil Murphy – Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band – Bill Ryder Jones – session

I had heard about Code drum heads from a few drummers I know and decided to give them a go. I loved how easy to tune they were but also most importantly the great sound! They have also held their tuning really well.

Sebastian Boyse- Kelsy Karter & The Heroines/strong>

Aaron Silvestre – Seeds Of Mary

I chose CODE especially for the amazing sound and quality of their products. My sound is much more precise and respectful of my playing now. I know I can rely on them.

Camille Belin – Lane

I’ve made my choice! Code drumheads are well-priced, durable and they sound great and consistent for live and studio applications

Ben Atkinson  – Collateral

I can tell a drummer made these amazing drumheads as they’ve thought of everything! Code drumheads are perfect for me because they’re incredibly durable, they sing on any drum & they are so easy to tune up.
Not only that but the price of them makes it a no brainer! Get yourself some of these heads!

Kieron Leigh – Jason P and Session

Finally, British made drum heads that I can sink my teeth into! They can take a beating and everything I throw at them. Thank you Code for having me be apart of the family!

Les Commandos Percu

We perform under any weather condition, blazing sun, pouring rain, snow or freezing temperatures…. and always surrounded with pyrotechnics ! Our drum heads have to be durable, easy to tune and provide great tuning stability as well as excellent projection.

Craig McFetridge – Mason Hill

First time I tried these heads was on a 22 date UK Tour, I usually change my snare head every 3/4 shows but I was getting 5/6+ shows out of these! They sound class, very durable and last for ages.

Luca Senaldi – Daxx and Roxane

I’ve heard about Code Drum Heads for a few years but never took the famous leap of faith. Just thought the big brands were what’s best out there.
Well trust me, it’s not. The amazing team at Code knows exactly what they’re doing and created top quality products which would make other brands reconsider what they have to offer.

Code all the way!

Andrew Conroy – The Jury / Session Musician / Mix Engineer

These heads absolutely make my kit sing! The heads are both versatile and durable which is what I need for the studio and live gigs!

Jimmy Taylor  – Cold Years

Code drum heads hold their tuning so well, it makes touring so much easier. I decided to try out the Law heads on my toms for this run and my drums are sounding amazing. I’m delighted to be a part of the Code family.

Matt West  – Mother Vulture

Diverse, powerful, resilient quality heads to match that of any drums out there. No fears for the heavy handed among us, beautiful and big sound – everything you could want. Code have cracked it!

Tom Eustace  – Red Light Acid Test

Having heard so many great things about CODE heads I decided to take the dive – and I was NOT disappointed. Great tone, great feel and great durability all from a British head – it doesn’t get any better

Ed James Jordan – Session

Getting my first set of Code heads was like Christmas. Now they are on my kit, they sound better than I remember. The coated Generators give my toms the perfect amount of mud but without sacrificing the natural tone. The TRS is perfect for cutting through the mix and the Sterling is a excellent example of a flagship skin. Versatile, easy to tune and can take a real beating!

Jon Howells  – Online Session Drummer @ J3T Drum Tracks Band

I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of the Code family. The tone, depth and durability of these heads are amazing, bringing my drums to life in the studio on a daily basis. Also, the range of models covers the diverse genres of music that I record. Game changer!

Joe Oakes – Session Artist

When I first tried Code heads I knew with the first hit they were the new heads for me! The Sound, Tuning and Dampening was just perfect!

Ross Ross Jarman – The Cribs

Finally some UK based drum heads that can compete with the quality and sound of other drum head manufacturers around the world.

Alan Leach – Independent 

Great drums heads that are both durable and sound amazing. I love hitting these things!

Rich Gartland – Bang Bang Romeo

Blown away by how easy it was to get everything I needed. They give me a ton of control, all the tone without any hassle, and durability to die for. A pleasure to hit.

tommyDavidsonTommy Davidson – Pulled Apart By Horses

I’ve been working with Code for a while now and I’m really into what the guys are doing. I find their heads give a full, open and resonant sound whilst maintaining a focussed, consistent attack with just the right amount of sustain.

Nic Rudd – Sour Tusk & Doomsday Outlaw

Affordable, tuneable, durable. Yeah, I can’t think of a better reason either! Code drumheads, the only choice.

Karol Drea – Parliament Square

Since their formation in 2012 Parliament Square has impressed live on stage bringing together experienced players.  Parliament Square’s debut release “Forest Fire”, recorded by Owen Lewis (Snow Patrol / REM) was featured on national radio (RTE 1, London XFM). The song “In My House” was featured on the Limerick City of Culture “Pigtown Fling”, produced by Noel Hogan (Cranberries).  After supporting acts such as “The Waterboys” in the Big Top, “Hozier” & “Wyvern Lingo” in Dolans and performing at Indiependence 2016, Parliament Square will release their eponymous debut album on 6th October 2016 with an accompanying live performance in Dolans Warehouse, Limerick.

Nicole Pinto  – Girls In Synthesis

Code drumheads bring a whole new feel to my playing. They remain sounding amazing night after night! I wouldn’t use anything else.

Pancho Montanez – Various Artist / Session Drummer / Pancho Montanez Group

CODE gives you the chance to trust what you hear. They are a real family

Emre Ramazanoglu – Session Drummer/Producer/Engineer/Mixer.

I’m blown away by the huge sound and responsiveness of CODE heads. I’m proud to play them in any situation”

Bruce Bisland – Sweet

At last , great British drum heads to rival the sound quality and robustness of the the Americans .

Oliver Perry – Joanne Shaw Taylor

Code Drum heads are a revelation. They give me everything i want in tone and control with no hassle A true instant necsitty.

Tim Wilson – IO Earth and Under A Banner

I’ve been with Code since the beginning and the two constants have been the company’s drive to make products that respond to what drummers need and the building of a community (of lovely people) who care about what they play.

James Newsome – Wax-Tree-Cast

CODE Heads are at the top of their game, they always make my drums sound awesome and allow me to play with complete freedom and confidence

Asa Morley – Cabbage

I can count on my kit staying in tune with Code heads on, even after being bundled into the back of our van night after nigh

Mik Gafney – The Last Resort and Bernie Torme

I’ve used many different brands of heads of the years but was instantly impressed with the ease of tuning, quality and excellent durability of Code drumheads. They have the tonality and adaptability I look for and work fantastically well in every situation.

Richard Wilson – RAW Studios

These are the best most durable heads I have ever played, guaranteed to tune on any drum in no time at all.

Richard Walker – Alvarez Kings

Over the years I’ve tried every drum head company but it wasn’t until I discovered Code that I finally found heads that can take the beating I give my drums and still sound amazing after 10 plus shows. I would definitely recommend you to put these heads on your drums.

Ryan Smith – The Outlaw Orchestra

“An absolute dream to tune and finally have found that warm ‘motown’ sound I’ve been searching for. Affordable and high quality heads used by a great family and backed up by superb customer service. These guys are at the top of their game”

Jordan Holden – The K’s

Joining the ever growing list of Code Endorsees was a no-brainer for me. Each product range offers a versatile sound across all tunings, with durability to match. Incredible customer service at prices that won’t break the bank.

Scott Ottaway The Searchers.

Scott Ottaway – The Searchers

Jacob Flood – aAnd

Code offers me the confidence and sound needed to make an impact’

Lee Gilbert – Ryders Creed

Code drum heads are a company / product that give the other big dog companies a run for there money, great durability and tone for a hard hitter like myself at such an affordable price! IF YOUR NOT USING CODE .. THEN SORT IT OUT!!

Hamish Dickinson

i’ve been playing Code for just over a year now and they’ve taken me around the U.K. and E.U. more times than care to remember. They sound amazing, super easy to tune and are incredibly durable. What more could a drummer as for?


Math Priest – Dodgy/The Icicle Works

I thought, hang on if he’s giving me free drum skins then they’re gonna be rubbish. But they actually turned out to be as good as the big, well known brands that I was using before. Also what’s ace is as they are a new UK company, they’re getting better and developing all the time.

Andrew Richardson – Pale Seas

From the off I knew these heads were special. Playing CODE has improved my sound and my playing. They just sit right with great tonality. Believe the hype

Sam Edwards – RainBreakers

I choose Code drum heads for their durability and reliability, but more importantly, for their incredible sound. It’s so nice to know that I’m using heads from such a great and friendly company that create such fantastic products, giving me the best sound I’ve had in years. Always trust your ears!

Elliot Bale – Empyre

CODE have hit the nail on the head (literally)! From the ease of tuning to the incredible tone and the insane durability! Perfect for live gigs and recording settings. CODE Drum Heads are going places and all drummers need to be a part of that journey. I have found a brand that I love and will be urging all drummers to give them a try! Truly outstanding!

Craig Bacon

I’m so impressed with Code! From the very first day I put these heads on my drums I knew they were for me! Great attack, tone and durability, both live and in the studio!

I’m currently using the RR as reso heads on my toms with the coated generators on top. Snare heads I’m going between coated zero and the new signal series. If you’ve not tried code you’re definitely missing out!

Chris Cartwright – El Moono

The first time I held a Code Drum Head it was evident I was investing in a quality product. They tune with ease, they are durable and for a drummer who hits hard and plays harder, I don’t want to use anything else!

Stewart Baxter – Life


For a hard working DIY musician, Code drum skins are both affordable and reliable.. From touring Europe to recording our debut album, Code have never let me down. Sound engineers and producers have had nothing but praise for the tone of my kit.. I am always proud to say my skins are made by CODE

Kyle Krishnamma-Hillier


Code heads are excellent quality and really enjoyable to play on. I am excited to be playing on them and becoming an advocate for them.

Jay Patterson – I,Assassis

I am so excited to be joining the Code Drum Head family, after a long search I finally have the drum sound I was after!

Charlie Grey – Dead Man’s Whiskey

For me the best thing about Code Drum Heads is their durability. As you can imagine, being in a Hard Rock band I hit the drums quite hard and I like not having to worry about a stick going through the head hahaha!

Alan Emslie – Plastic Noose

I’m massively impressed with my new CODE drum heads. The BLAST head sounds huge and the unique resonant tone of the LAW head works right across my closed toms and snare drum perfectly.

Cameron Spence – Eevah and Independent Session Artist

Even tapping these heads with a finger, the tone is controlled and has so much depth. I’ve always wanted a sound that is both big and powerful whilst being precise and musical; Code makes that ‘Dream Sound’ achievable.

robAllenRob Allen – Augustines and Session

What can I say about Code Heads. They are extremely durable, and I should know. I’ve played a hell of a lot of shows and they’ve outlasted and out performed any other brand I’ve used. They stay in tune superbly. I once travelled from London to Madrid by bus, literally after arriving, I walked on to the stage with my drums and the heads didn’t even need to be tuned!! I couldn’t believe it. The most important thing, is they sound fantastic. The different ranges Code offer suit any situation, studio or live and offer the versatility any drummer would need. Try them- You’ll be blown away!

Chris Gillon – The King Lot

The proof is in the pudding. Code Drumheads are proof that you don’t need to use a big brand name to sound amazing!

Michele Pascal – Talk More

Alex Paveley  Dream Wife

I have found it really easy to get the big punchy yet controlled sound i’m after out of the Coated Generators and the Blast sounds immense on the kick. Really impressed by these heads

Joel Mullin – Youth Killed It

I’m very excited to now be a Code Head Artist and can’t wait to take them on the road and use in the studio with Youth Killed It.


Dave Anderson – The South

Code Drumheads are a real game changer…Great sounding, great product ranges and great customer service…All at a fraction of the price of other drumhead companies.

Miles Pascall

“Home grown, internationally flown.” There is certainly no secret to my patriotism,the only CODE to get in is THIS one.

Timbo Jones – Big Wolf Band/Eagle Jazz Band/Detroit Magic

I’ve been playing Code exclusively since their early beginnings and 1.2 million youtube views for Big Wolf Band can’t be wrong!

Lloyd TutonLloyd Tuton – Fronteers

“Easy to tune, really durable and sound great for a big drum sound. Thanks Code!

Raul Fernandez – Abyssal Ascendant, Arkhetype, Gulguta

The only serious option in drumheads. End of story!

Temmy Edwards – Independant artist

Absolutely phenomenal sound. Easy to tune and never fails
to impress me every time I play them.


Nigel Durham, former drummer for SAXON & MORPHEUS RISING

After hearing lots of good things about Code Drum Heads it was an obvious choice. MORPHEUS RISING are recording their 3rd album and are signed to Cherry Red Records.

Steely Thatcher – The Goldhawks, Quadrophenia Live, Penthouse 5

The feel, sound and durability of Code drum heads are amazing! So easy to tune and sound great in any setting.”

Ben Wallbanks – Knuckle

So great to see a UK company killing it! Great sounding heads at an amazing price.

Brian Moroney –Airways

The first time I tried Code Heads, I knew I had to make the switch. I love the way they feel and sound.

Sylvain Callot

I chose CODE for its genuine and original sound and because it’s efficient and easy to tune. I selected the GENERATOR range for the snare’s skin head and GENETIC for the resonant skin. The sound is profound, precise, classical and subtile. The outcome is good for all drumsticks. I also chose the GENERATOR range for the toms and the DNA CLEAR for its resonant skin. Finally, I take the BLAST coated skin for my bass drum and the white ENIGMA serie for a nice finishing touch on stage and a good sounding bass drum.

Kieran Burt – Retro Video Club


CODE drum heads are reliable, affordable and sound great on my drums, especially in the live setting

Jake Mason – Alunah

Code drum heads are easy to tune and stay there after hours of playing, even with the sticks reversed. They are reliable, durable and sound great.

Facebook tristanTristan Long – The Tornados

Jay Patterson – I,Assassin

I am so excited to be joining the Code Drum Head family, after a long search I finally have the drum sound I was after!”

Mike Neilson – Independent artist

I chose Code after hearing so many good things so I made the switch. From the moment I put the heads on I was amazed. I hardly had to tune them and they were ready for the tour and they are simply hands down the best heads I’ve ever played! I am bursting with pride to be part of #teamcode

Matt Hobson

Tonally superior and adaptable to my needs, easy to work with and durable. I love them!

Allan Brown – Supreme Queen/Session Drummer

It’s great to support a superb British company. The skins are high quality and with a large product range of single and twin ply heads, code really meets my drumming requirements with playing with a variety of bands or artists. It’s a pleasure to be part of the teamcode family.

Mark Claydon – Freelance/Independent artist

Code drumheads were an excellent discovery for me. My toms sound fuller, my snare has more attack and my bass drum really packs a punch! What’s not to like!!

Federico Placanica

I have finally found the right sound with the Code skins . After testing various types and brands of drumheads, Code has satisfied my needs. Loud and powerful sound.

Dan Southall – These Wicked Rivers

Code Heads are just great. I get great tone, projection and reliability from heads that are much better value than other brands. I’m delighted they’re working with me and These Wicked Rivers

Josh Willis – Love|Less

I’m very excited to be working with a company that put the extra care in. I feel like I’m a part of this rather than someone who just plays the product. All in all I’m massively impressed with everything CODE has done so far.

Josh currently play in Love|Less.  He has been playing for about 10 years now he is both a recording and touring artist. He is based just out of London and have just got off a EU tour with Alesana (EU).

Jon Pickard – High Rise

When I discovered Code, I knew instantly, that they were the right heads for me. They sound great as soon as they’re on the kit, plus, they last! I have used them in the studio twice and countless times live. They really do perform. Also, with a UK based, friendly team – you can’t go far wrong.

Sébastien Peeters – Hybrid-Drummer and Vibraphone player for Prism and Midnight Avenue

Thanks a lot to CODE for making such great drum heads. My drums sound has really been taken to next level !

Moyano el Buffalo

I was totally blown away when I first tried my acrylic kit with their CODE GENERATOR & BLAST heads. The sound became huge without losing any tone and gained a fast attack with minimal sustain.

Dan Breaden –Tiger Lion and Independent artist

Really happy to be on Team Code! They have brought out tons of tone from every drum I put them on, and I can recommend these knowing they’re also the best value drum heads out there. Slap some on your kit and see for yourself!

Paul Faloon – Pat McManus band

With CODE drum heads you not only get fantastic sound at sensible prices, hard hitters like me will get at least 50% more playing time from these very durable heads !! In a word they’re BRILLIANT !!!

Neal Hill – Skam

Code heads just make sense for the gigging drummer. They have real longevity and can handle a “shed builder” such as myself! They sound really punchy and are great when mic’d up.

Neal started drumming when he was 14, and has been playing hard rock ever since. He is currently the drummer for Leicester based hard rock band SKAM, but has also, in the past, worked contractually abroad and on cruise ships. He is a Music teacher at a local secondary school.

steveGibsonSteve Gibson – Sad Cafe

Sometimes a new drum product comes along that makes you question your choices. Code drum heads did that for me and I wasn’t disappointed Durability, quality control, and great support. All you have to do is try them.

Abbi Phillips – Independant/Pins

Code heads play well, travel well and sound great. I’m in love with the LAWS on my toms, my kit has never sounded better! Thank you!

Karl Selickis – Wolf Jaw

After years of playing with the same old drum heads I needed something new and refreshing and that’s exactly what Code drum heads are! They look good! They sound good and they feel good and to top it off they’re prices compete massively against top leading brands!

Simon Roe – Last Under The Sun, Police Bastard and Rubella Ballet

Simon has been playing drums since the age of 14.  Originally playing rock and metal in the Birmingham music scene. He has completed an HND(Music Performance) at City College (Birmingham) and he later became involved in the Punk / Metal scene by playing with my current bands Last Under The Sun, Police Bastard and Rubella Ballet.  All bands have regularly toured the UK and Europe and there will be more tours to follow in 2016 and 2017. Simon has played a number of high profile gigs supporting The Damned at The Forum and The Roundhouse.  Rubella Ballet have headline dates booked for 2016 and will also be recording new material in the near future.


Tim Brown –The Classic Rock Show

Code heads, great value, loads of sound choices, well made and consistent and they sound amazing. What more do you need….?

    Gordon Morrison – Raging Speedhorn

Owen Hughes – Frontierer and Sectioned

Code drum heads are great sounding, great value drum heads that stand the test of time.

Tom Fenn – Torous

Code Drum Heads are the most reliable heads I’ve come across. I rely on a tight and powerful sound when behind the kit so the Generator range suits my style perfectly!

Torous are Celtic Hard Rock with a Metal edge, offer something different in the music climate of today. Known by many of their peers for their hard work ethic, the band have toured the UK several times since their inception, opening for acts such as Rival State, Evil Scarecrow and Diamond Head – they have a live show held to a high esteem: “Torous have impressed just about everyone when they play live… they are incredible” writes Maximum Volume Music.

Stan Tomkinson – Yesterday’s Gone

Code drumheads are a no brainer. They by far the best sounding heads I’ve played. They are well really made and very durable. And at a fraction of the price of competitors. What more could you want?

Sean Dorrian

Working as a freelance touring and recording drummer mainly in the Irish Country Scene.Currently touring Ireland/UK with MIKE DENVER and recording with various other Irish artists.

Mark Whiteside –Evil Blizzard

When I needed that dynamic punchy drum sound for the Evil Blizzard albums or live shows Code heads give me all I need and more.


Dan Whitfield – Independent/session

Code drum heads are amazing! They are such high quality and sound great. I’m hooked!

Dan Whitfield is a London based Drummer, who is experienced in many musical genres and styles. He’s been playing from a young age and started out on the snare drum for a local marching band. He has been credited as being “a human metronome with bags of rock power and really tasteful fills and use of cymbals”.

Dan’s most recent studio work can be heard on She Makes War’s “Disarm 15” EP.

Dan is currently rehearsing with some exciting new artists that are working towards a release in 2017.

James Basile – King No One

Code Drum Heads are a perfect mix between affordable and durable drum heads. They’re easy to tune and they sound great.

Ollie Eardley – ARCADIA

CODE is the latest brand for drummers that gives you a hard hitting quality sound for a fraction of the cost. Great sound, great price, great product!


Richie Burns

Richie Burns drums for Paul Da Vinci,  the original voice of The Rubettes’ ‘Sugar Baby love’. Richie has been playing for many years and  has played all styles of music from Pop to 60s, 70s, Jazz and Big band.

Richie has worked as a dep drummer for Mr Acker Bilk And Kenny Ball and his Jazz Men.

Richie rates Code as great drum heads that are easy to fit and tune.

Darren Crome – Andy Knight and The Remedy,  Giles Robson 

After a recommendation I thought I’d try CODE heads, I’m glad I did.  Seriously impressed!  CODE seem to have all the right ingredients for Happy Drummers.  Great service, quality and range. Fantastic sound and value for money.  Thankyou CODE.

Darren J Crome  was born in Nottinghamshire, England.  Darren has come full circle with Giles Robson after  recording drums on “For those who need the blues“, an album which is creating a stir in the UK and European blues scene, recorded one afternoon in February 2016.  The band are looking forward to a busy schedule of festival appearances and shows across Europe and the UK.  In 2015 Darren was asked to play a number of shows for Les Mckeown’s Legendary  Bay City Rollers both abroad and in the UK.

Chris Hampson – Sinnergod

Now and again a product surfaces that changes things for the better, in my opinion Code Drum Heads falls in that category.
These heads are durable, easy to tune and sound phenomenal either in a live scenario or in the studio.
I truly believe there is a new Sheriff in town.

Sebastian Boyse – Kelsy Karter And The Heroines

Engineered for drummers by drummers, I’m with Code for its unparalleled tone, responsiveness, and durability.

Their quality manufacturing makes them a dream to tune and play. And there’s something for everyone.

Steve Orchiton – Die No More

Steve plays for the emerging hard rock, thrash 4 piece band DIE NO MORE, Carlisle,Cumbria. He has enjoyed playing and performing with a host of bands over his 15 years of playing. Now, extensively gigging around the UK with dates including Belgium and Holland, his band are flying the flag high for rock and metal in the UK.

Joey Leyland – Faux Pas and Beth McCarthy

Undeniable tone. It’s refreshing to have great versatility, but not so many choices that it becomes confusing. A brilliant choice, and at a competitive price to boot.